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VL-PFQ Series Powder Sprayer (Matching dust collector)

Product description:

VL-PFQ powder sprayer is a kind of equipment developed and developed by our company for supporting the explosion-proof industrial dust collector (or non-explosion-proof dust removal equipment).


Specialized for collecting wide range of inflammable and explosive dust. It is suitable for powder metallurgy, aluminum powder grinding, grain processing, food production, high polymer plastics industry, synthetic dyes and coatings, pesticide and pharmaceutical manufacturing, plant fiber textile technology and so on.

Model VL-PFQ-42L-CE
Voltage(V/Hz) 400/50
Maximum powder output(g/h) 300
Powder way Screw conveyor
Precision control of powder output High
Maximum powder storage capacity(kg) 20
Adding powder Manually add powder
Diameter of powder outlet(mm) Φ32(customizable)
Mobility Universal caster with brake
Dimension(mm) 765*630*1200
Use ambient temperature(℃) 0~30
Highest altitude(m) 0~2300


  1. stepping motor
  2. Weighing transmitter
  3. Touch screen PLC integrated machine
  4. Pneumatic vibrator
  5. Oil-water separator
  6. Casters
Structure Chart


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