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Cleaning is our job as well as our passion, and we take our responsibility towards people, culture and the environment seriously and we provide an industrial solution for our clients.

Company Profile

Villo is today the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Villo makes a difference through top performance, innovation, and quality.

Application Video

Tutorials video application, demonstrations, and more to serve our client understand the functionality and efficiency of our cleaning machine and how to use it in a professional way.

Products Features


Air Pulse Jet Cleaning Dust Collector-VJF Series

Apply to operations about the general superfine dust

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – VZS Series

Suitable for the condition that require cleanning fine and heavy dust

VFG-2S Manual-cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

To be applied to attach single phase smaller floor grinders

Fume Extractor For Soldering – VHX Series

Apply to smoke of circuit boards in the Tin welding process

Global provider of Cleaning Technology Cleaning Systems Cleaning Solutions

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