Whatever the cleaning task, we have the solution.

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Industrial Solution

Cleaning is our job as well as our passion, and we take our responsibility towards people, culture and the environment seriously and we provide an industrial solution for our clients.

Company Profile

Villo is today the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Villo makes a difference through top performance, innovation, and quality.

Application Video

Tutorials video application, demonstrations, and more to serve our client understand the functionality and efficiency of our cleaning machine and how to use it in a professional way.

Products Features


VFG-2S Manual-cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

To be applied to attach single phase smaller floor grinders, with 2motors which can be controlled independently

VFG-3SPA Self-cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

Three motors vacuum cleaner, self-cleaning for the first filter, good for medium size grinders

VFG-75E Heavy Duty Dust Extractor

To be applied to attach big floor grinders at 11kw ~ 15kw, suitable for worksite that requires continuous working

VFG-3S Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

To be applied to attach  single phase medium floor grinders, with 3motors which can be controlled independently

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News & Events


Villo achieved a big successful on WORLD OF CONCRETE 2018 Booth NO: S11638    Time: 23-26th, Jan 2018    ADD:  Las Vegas, USA     Area: 36㎡ The newest product VFG-SC and V3DW series vacuum cleaners are exhibited on the show.…

Villo USA Inc was established in Los Angeles

Villo USA Inc was established in Los Angeles, accelerates the speed of internationalization. Dongguan Villo Inc-the leading enterprise of continuous bagging industrial vacuum cleaner announced the opening of its branch in Los Angeles…
Concrete 2016 exhibition USA

World of Concrete 2016 exhibition - USA

DONGGUAN VILLO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION INC. attended the World of Concrete 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA last week. Booth NO: S11939     Time: 2-5th, Feb. 2016     ADD:  Las Vegas, USA     Area: 36㎡ The new product VA-40TD…

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