Dust collection for laser cutting

Laser cutting is a non-traditional thermal process that utilizes light energy from the laser to remove the material by vaporization and ablation. This process involves focusing a laser beam, usually with a lens, to a small spot that has a sufficient power density to produce a laser cut.

Exposure Risks of Laser Dust & Fumes

The dust and fumes generated during the Laser cutting process can be a serious health hazard. A high-speed laser cutting process can convert metal into airborne particles in a short period, and since the machine works very fast, a large amount of dust and fumes can be generated in no time. These dust particles are usually in sub-micron size and can be easily inhaled and absorbed into the body.  Additionally, the dust can also affect the cutting efficiency and can diffuse the laser beam. A proper filtration system should be installed to reduce the hazardous effects of laser cutting.

Solutions for Laser Cutting Dust

Villo’s VJF and VN series dust collectors understand the laser cutting process and how to deal with its harmful side effects. They are equipped with high-efficiency PTFE coated filter cartridge and pulse back-blowing dust cleaning device to effectively extract fumes and dust, and can also automatically clean the filter element to ensure dust collection.

For your information: 

Laser cutting machine with 3015 or 3030, VJF-5.5 is the best option.

Laser cutting machine with 4020, VJF-7.5 can support well.

Laser cutting machine with 6030, VJF-11 can fit it well.

Laser cutting machine with 8040, Please contact us to match with the most suitable model

For more details, please contact us directly.

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