Guide: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

How much do you know about industrial vacuum cleaners? If you have already read some posts on our website, you have your own opinions on this. In the post How to Choose the Right Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, we talk about the tips about choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner. If you have no idea, you can click the link and review the post. Before you read this product purchase guide, some preliminary understanding of industrial vacuum cleaners will be more helpful for you to understand the following content.

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for general cleaning in the industrial environment and other specific applications. Industrial vacuum cleaners can come in many different types. When circumstances require, they can be modified or built for applications in the way they should be.

Villo has the most common category of vacuum cleaners. They are:

VFG-S Series Single Phase Two- Stage Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
VFG-E Series Three Phase Two-Stage Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
VFG-CY Pre-separator
VS Series Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
VTS Series Basic Compact & Economical Vacuum Cleaner
VKD Series Upright Compact & Economical Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
V3 Series Single Phase Compact & Economical Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
VA Series Three-phase Compact Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
VZSB Series ATEX Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
VZ Series Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
VZF Series Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
VDF Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Foods and Pharmaceuticals Industry

We can say that as an experienced vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Villo industrial vacuum cleaners gather the diverse needs of different industries. Next, we will introduce the characteristics and applications of these series of vacuum cleaners for you.

VFG-S Series and VFG-E Series: high-precision filter vacuum cleaners

The VFG series has two versions of high-voltage cassette industrial vacuum cleaners, VFG-S for single-phase conditions, and VFG-E for three-phase working conditions. We know that people first care about the range of the filter, and we have fully taken into account the needs of most users.

VFG Series

    The VFG series of vacuum cleaners have two-stage filtration, high pressure, and adjustable airflow to achieve high-precision filtration. We designed it to be compact and easy to move. The VFG series is able for 24 hours of operation continuously, so that no matter where you go, you can use it to achieve the purpose of industrial dust collection. We especially recommend the VFG series to those users who urgently need to solve industrial dust pollution. The VFG series is a high-quality metal vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for harmful dust, (such as chemical dust (non-flammable and explosive), silicon powder (concrete dust), carbon powder, fine metal dust). It can effectively reduce the risk of secondary dust pollution.

At the same time, it is also suitable for precious metal dust removal, which can effectively improve dust recovery efficiency. There is no need to worry about the cleaning of the filter. On the one hand, the VFG series equip with a filter cleaning device. On the other hand, it uses cassette tape, which makes it easier to clean dust and avoid secondary pollution. In addition, they equip with a filter for clogged pressure gauge detection, which makes it available to check at any time.

Additionally, VFG series also has a pre-separator. We design VFG-CY for the floor grinding and polishing industry. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and easy installation.


VS Series: vacuum cleaner for wet and dry

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is suitable for inhaling powder, solid, and liquid one time. Villo manufactures vacuum cleaners that are suitable for liquids and powders. Villo’s wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the ideal device for cleaning contractors. The structural strength and attendant reliability make these liquid and powder vacuum cleaners a safe investment for any company.

VS Series

VTS, VKD, V3, VA Series: compact vacuum cleaners

Villo’s compact industrial vacuum cleaner is a real industrial machine. The compact one is suitable for small space, high precision, and continuous applications. The four compact vacuum cleaners produced by Villo have their characteristics. Some are vertical, some support both single-phase and three-phase working conditions, some with independent switches. All of them support customized voltages. The VTS, VA, and VKD series are powerful three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners. They are ideal solutions for continuous work and heavy and fine dust conditions. If your work in metal processing, PCB, machine cleaning, car interior cleaning, that means you need fine dust vacuum cleaners. The efficient work of Villo’s compact vacuum cleaners will surely surprise you.

VZSB, VZ, VZF series: heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners

High-performance industrial vacuum cleaners get rid of the simple concept of vacuum cleaners. And they become materials handling and pneumatic conveying machines. In fact, with their greater power and a filtration area of up to 30-50 square meters, they can transport powder and solids to ten meters and then discharge them through a hopper or separator. Villo’s heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for three-phase working conditions, for inhaling or absorbing large mixed particles or debris in continuous applications, or installed in a centralized suction system.

Among them, the VZF series are with high-pressure pulse jet cleaning equipment. We can use VZSB series in single-phase conditions, and it has passed ATEX certification. ATEX-certified industrial vacuum cleaners are machines designed to work in hazardous areas defined by European Directive 94/9/EC. The designation of these industrial vacuum cleaners is to prevent any sparks or electrical tension through a series of specific technical features. Therefore, the VZSB series is suitable for continuous work and heavy dust with explosion-proof requirements, such as woodworking, food processing, chemical industry, active metal polishing, etc.

VDF Series: suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries

VDF Series

    The VDF series are single-phase or three-phase vacuum cleaners with high suction power. Very suitable for small space, high precision, and continuous applications. There are normal and horizontal structure versions, and both versions can match with the H14 filter.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are the best solution to ensure maximum productivity and production efficiency. Compared to alternative methods, the use of industrial vacuum cleaners reduces the time required for cleaning operations. In many cases, it allows the reuse of materials or recovered liquids (such as oil for machine tools). The reuse ensures cost savings.

Villo produces vacuum cleaners that can meet the cleaning or maintenance needs of any industry. Villo industrial vacuum cleaners are the best solution for dust removal and manufacturing waste from any work environment, ensuring maximum efficiency and security of each production area. Thanks to additional certified components, Atex industrial vacuum cleaners reach a high level of cleanliness and safety even in environments with a risk of explosion.

We hope this article be helpful for you. If you still have any questions about our products, you can contact us. With the accumulation of experience and professional technology, we will combine it with your actual situation. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Finally, thank you for reading this article.