Dust collection for slitting machine

Fume/dust source:

In the process of slitting with a slitting machine, a lot of excess powder and waste (leftover material) can be incidentally generated. These powder dust will stay on the slitting machine, affecting the service life of the equipment and the quality of the battery cells. The source of smoke and dust is at the position of the cutter and the position of the roller brush.


A cutter suction hood (round knife or square knife), pole piece roller brush suction hood, and scrap suction are set at the positions where the slitting machine needs dust removal.

It is recommended to select a dust collector with a medium pressure. As the quantity of suction ports on the different slitting machines is different, the power of the dust removal host equipped will be different accordingly. VJ-2.2H-T is optional for small slitting machine, and VJFG-3.7 and VJFG-5.5 is recommended for those worksites with long distance or high wind speed requirements.

Explosion-proof requirements should be considered in due course.

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