Dust collection for crusher

Crushing Dust Treatment

In the pharmaceutical processing and chemical industry, the finished products or semi-finished products are often crushed, and the crushed material is recycled or treated. As the crusher is operated at a high speed with sharp cutters, large amount of airborne particles can spread in the work environment, and would ultimately effect the health of employees. The airborne dust can also hurt a facility’s aesthetics. Visitors, customers, new recruits and others might get the wrong impression if a facility’s air is noticeably dirty.

Solution: For this type of dust, it is necessary to follow up the actual crushing amount and the direction of dust flying to design a reasonable suction hood for better dust collection. Our VJFX series automatic discharge industrial dust collector can be used; if the dust needs to be recycled or the production workshop has requirements, customize the machine to 304 or 316 material.

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