Villo USA Inc was established in Los Angeles

Villo USA Inc was established in Los Angeles, accelerates the speed of internationalization.

Dongguan Villo Inc-the leading enterprise of continuous bagging industrial vacuum cleaner announced the opening of its branch in Los Angeles of USA in November,2017.

The opening ceremony of Villo USA Inc was held at US time 9:00 am Jan 18th in Los Angeles with big successful, definitely, this show we are able to provide more powerful concrete dustless solutions for US clients.

*dedicated to display, sales, after-sales services, technical training in one package

*10 years Production & Sales experience for concrete vacuum, dust collector, central dust collection system, explosion proof dust extractors etc.

*have ability to provide more competitive dustless solutions for clients all over the world.

Based on 10 years of successful experience, opening a branch in Los Angeles is a right thing at a good time with right place. we are still insisting on providing best quality products and services as priority goal in United States, this is the only thing we will focus on in the next few years, looking forward to cooperating with you, for more details please visit our website