Villo Guide: Industrial Dust Collector

Industrial dust collector systems work in general by drawing dust and particulates from the air through a filter that first captures and separates the matter, and then discharges purified air back into the workplace or environment. Do you currently have plans to purchase or upgrade a dust collector for your facility? If so, we advise the following products guide to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Villo has the most common category of industrial dust collector. They are:

VFO Series Industrial Dust Collector System
VH – Z Series Large Air Flow Type Central Dust Collector
VJFB Series Industrial Explosion Proof Dust Collector
VJFCB Series High Negative Pressure Explosion Proof Dust Collector
VJFGB Series Moderate High Pressure Explision Proof Dust Collector
VJ-H Series Manual Cleaning Type Industrial Dust Collector
VX Series Cabinet Type High Pressure Dust Collector
VJF Series Air Pulse Jet Dust Collector
VJFG Series Moderate-high Pressure Dust Collector
VJFX Series Industrial Auto Discharge Dust Collector
VJCF Series High Negative Pressure Type Central Vacuum System
VN Series Separator Built-in Type Dust Collector

For decades, Villo has offered manufacturers the most advanced and reliable dust collectors and filters available. The pairing of these industry-leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing efficiencies and provides a cleaner environment for employees.

Central Dust Collector


A central dust collector is designed to create a negative pressure at a dust source point and pull the fugitive material into the collector. Dust is filtered out of the air stream and dropped into the hopper off the unit so it can be placed back into the manufacturing process or disposed of properly.

Villo has VFO Series and VH-Z Series, they both use a central dust collection system. VFO Series is a central dust collection system. It has the characteristics of large air volume, stable structure, and convenient cartridge installation, and ejection mechanism. It is suitable to deal with the production and processing of a large amount of dust. Suitable for woodworking, grinding, cutting, feeding, and other applications with a large amount of dust in the centralized multi-station dust collection system.

VH-Z Series is a central dust collection system with a large air volume. This system is equipped with a pulse jet self-cleaning filter mechanism and vertical installation of filter cartridges which increases the filtration efficiency by several percent. It’s suitable for capacitance spray operations, tin packaging operations, CCL operations, spraying production line operations, ceramic raw embryo processing, polishing workshop, welding smoke purification, and other multi-site centralized dust conditions.

Explosion-Proof Dust Collector

An explosion-proof dust collector is also a popular product. For the sake of safety, a properly designed dust collector that handles combustible dust always includes an explosion protection system. Passive systems react immediately following an event to prevent the deflagration from traveling to other areas and causing more damage.

We have noticed that dust removal in many industrial environments requires dust explosion protection, and we have designed four series of industrial dust collectors accordingly. They are VJFB Series, VJFCB Series, VJFGB Series, VJH-Z Series. Next, let’s take a quick look at these four series of products.


VJFB series industrial dust collector has the characteristics of explosion-proof, large air volume, pulse jet cleaning, stable and reliable structure. VJFCB and VJFGB Series are explosion-proof industrial dust collectors with high negative pressure, pulse jet cleaning, stable and small footprint.

In our products, VH-Z also has the effect of explosion-proof and dust-removal.

Manual Cleaning Dust Collector

Are you looking for manual cleaning dust collectors or solutions? View the following guide about Villo Manual Cleaning Dust Collector to get more details about our products. VX and VJ-H Series are typical manual cleaning dust collectors of Villo. VX series is with high negative pressure, VJ-H Series has large air volume. Both of them are stable, have a small footprint, and have flexible movement. A manual cleaning dust collector with high negative pressure for continuous working applications such as metalworking (grinding, cutting, drilling, sandblasting).

Self-Cleaning Dust Collector

An industrial dust collector with a self-cleaning function is very practical and popular because it reduces the cost of manual cleaning. Most of the dust collectors we mentioned above have self-cleaning functions, such as VJF, VJFCB, FVFGB, and VFO Series. Here we focus on the products that are not mentioned.

VJF Series is called the Air Pulse Jet Dust Collector. It is an industrial dust collector with multi-motor power, large air volume, pulse jet filter cleaning, stability, and reliability. VJFX Series is an industrial auto discharge dust collector. VJCF Series is a vacuum dust collector with high negative pressure, pulse jet cleaning, stable structure, and small footprint. The last one is VN Series. VN Series is a separator built-in type, dust collector. It is an industrial dust collector focusing on the sheet metal laser cutting industry.


Villo is a leading dust collector manufacturer, and we have made a great breakthrough in the key technology of industrial dust collection systems. We produce industrial dust collectors that can meet the cleaning or maintenance needs of any industry. As an innovator in the filtration industry, Villo pride itself on our innovative technologies and solutions, backed by a talented and dedicated team of employees.


We hope this article be helpful for you. If you still have any questions about our products, you can contact us. With the accumulation of experience and professional technology, we will combine it with your actual situation. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Finally, thank you for reading this article.