Symposium on Design Science and Applications Forum

At 9:00 am on January 8th, Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc. Innovation Research Institute successfully held the second video seminar of “Design Science and Application Forum”.

The “Design Science and Application Forum” was initiated by Professor Xie Youbo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This is the second session of the forum. It is chaired by Professor Xie Xiaopeng, Dean of VILLO Innovation Research Institute. More than 50 experts and scholars from various universities and colleges and doctoral professors participated in the meeting online, more than 100 executives from VILLO Company and all technical personnel of the Innovation Research Institute attended the meeting on-site or online.

Four conference reports were arranged for this seminar: Professor Xie Xiaopeng of VILLO Innovation Research Institute made a report on “Design and Development of Dust Explosion-proof Safety System for Lithium Batteries”, introducing VILLO’s triple redundant design to ensure production safety for dust explosion-proofing in the production process of lithium batteries The research and development situation of the subject; Professor Feng Wei of Guangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institute made a report on “Constructing the Design and Application System of Equipment Wear Monitoring Sensors”, and proposed the design of equipment wear monitoring sensors from three aspects: R&D design, testing technology, and production process. The idea of ​​application system establishment; Professor Ouyang Wu of Wuhan University of Technology reported the “Thinking of Water Transportation Equipment and System Design”, from the status of water transportation equipment in national transportation, as a basic overview of the implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy and an important support for a strong marine country, Technical characteristics, development trends, etc. lead to the system modeling and dynamic simulation problems of complex equipment in the design of water transportation equipment systems in multiple fields, and the establishment of a dual-driven life cycle design method for complex equipment genes and knowledge flow; Dr. Xiao Juncheng, VILLO Innovation Research Institute This paper reports the “Design of Ultrasonic Dust Collector for Lithium Electrode”, from the current situation of lithium electrode production and dust removal technology, proposes a theoretical basis for using ultrasonic technology for effective dust removal and a design model for key components of the prototype.

This forum enabled the engineering and technical personnel of VILLO Company, whose main business is equipment manufacturing, to listen closely to a high-end seminar and dialogue on design science, which broadened the horizons, opened up ideas, and raised awareness for engineering designers. Bring valuable inspiration to the company’s technological innovation.