Villo startup Explosion-proof dust removal equipment project for li-ion battery industry

On August 25, 2021, Dongguan VILLO Technology Inc. and Jiangsu Jintan Economic Development Zone Management Committee formally signed a contract, and the two parties reached a development cooperation agreement on the ” Explosion-proof dust removal equipment project for li-ion battery industry “. Representatives of Jiangsu Jintan Economic Development Zone Management Committee: Yang Jian, Secretary of Jintan Economic Development Zone, Shu Mingdong, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Jiang Weiming, Director of Investment Promotion, and VILLO Representatives: CEO Lin Weibo, General Manager of VILLO Suzhou branch Lu Bao, production supervisor Liu Tao and others attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, VILLO CEO Lin Weibo said: In recent years, with the support of the company’s continuous R&D investment, VILLO has developed rapidly and has become one of the leading companies in the development of supporting dust removal in the lithium battery industry. VILLO brand explosion-proof dust removal equipment, the intelligent dust explosion-proof dust removal system researched and developed has been widely used in the field of industrial production, and the customer base is also concentrated in the top 10 listed companies in various industries.

Thanks to the vigorous development of the new energy lithium battery industry and relevant national environmental protection policies, VILLO is in an important period of ramping up production capacity and accelerating export supply. The signing of the contract with the Changzhou Jintan Economic Development Zone Government is a new platform for VILLO’s economic development. It will further increase VILLO’s production capacity and alleviate the growing customer demand. It will also serve the local new energy industry and even Make due contributions to economic and social development.

It is reported that the project will land in the Yangtze River Delta production base and will be constructed in three phases: the first phase is planned to use 20,000 square meters; the second phase is planned to use 26,000 square meters and is expected to start at the end of 2022; the third phase is planned to add 95 acres of land. After the first two phases reach production, the full output value is about 1 billion yuan. In addition, the base structure is a single-story steel frame structure workshop, which meets the environmental needs of VILLO’s production and assembly testing, which can greatly improve delivery efficiency and enhance market integration Competitiveness.

In the future, VILLO will be committed to creating a platform with higher service levels, more professional supporting facilities, and stronger professional penetration, and will continue to forge ahead toward the company’s strategic goal of “becoming the leader of the new energy lithium battery explosion-proof dust removal equipment industry”!