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Three Phase Dust Extractor For Small/Medium Floor Grinders – VFG-40E

Product Description:

VFG-40E Vacuum cleaner is special designed for matching with small/medium grinders in the floor preparation industry. With the characteristic as below:

• Strong suction, two-stage filter unit, stable and reliable. Can match grinders @3~5.5kw power;

•Suitable for worksites with  three phase power available;

•Suitable for worksites that  requirecontinuous workload; Can separate a large amount of fine dust particles;

•Suitable for large or difficult projects, requiring a higher level of dust collection;

• To be applied to grinding, polishing and other floor preparations.

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Model:                                               VFG-40E
Voltage (V/Hz):                          3phase 380V/50Hz
Power:                                               5.5hp/4kw
Max Air flow:                                   420m3/h
Max pressure:                             2600mmH2O
1st stage filter:                          star shaped filter bag
2nd stage filter:                     HEPA filter cartridge
Air inlet:                                     Ø50MM (2inches)
Noisy (dB):                                           75±2
Filter area:                                      1.9+3.4m2
Cleaning method:  manual cleaning (half-automatically pulse jetting)
Dimension:                              1120x735x1600mm

Structure Chart

1, Two – stage HEPA filter  (H13 standard)

The first stage filter is filter bag with filtration degree of 99% @ 1~3microns dust
The second stage filter is HEPA filter cartridge with filtration degree of 99% @ 0.3~0.5 microns dust

2, Cleaning Method

a, Manual air pulse back cleaning structure;

b, Dust collection structure. The vacuum is equipped with the Longopac® canister disposal bags that would be continuously pulled out. When it collects a certain amount of dust, it could be sealed by the cable tie and then cut it off with a scissor. See the photos below:

Structure Diagram

structure diagram

Applicable floor grinder

VFG-40E is considered to the best partner with small or medium grinders @ 3.0~5.5kw power. 

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Download Operation Manual of VFG55E/75E

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