• industrial dust collector

Industrial Dust Collector System – VFO Series

Product Description:

  • Application:Drawing operations, welding grinding operations, CCL processing operations, large multi-site workshop concentrated dust removal system.
  • Specialty:
    1. Modular combination structure
    For increasing productivity and expanding production scale, modular dust collector
    unit can achieve rapid expansion.At the same time requires only a small changes to
    the original equipment and piping systems,which can reduce expansion costs.it is the best choice for large systems dust collection.
    2. Convenient disassembly filter cartridge
    The unique structure of the filter frame and cover,15 ° inclined inserted cartridge
    installed, simply turn the hand wheel to remove the cover plate and then the filter
    cartridge can be removed quickly
    Compared with the baghouse and ordinary vertical-mounted cartridge filter, it is
    easier to loading and unloading,which can greatly reducing the downtime and the
    investment in human and material resources

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  • Model :VFO 3-12/24/36/48/60/72/84/96/108/120
  • Volt(V/Hz) :380V/50hz
  • Power (Kw) :Choose the suitable power after calculate the wing pressure according to the resistance of the system
  • Container capacity(L) :100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800/900/1000
  • Max air flow(m3/h) :15000/3000/45000/60000/75000/90000/105000/120000/135000/150000
  • Noise dB(A) :78/79/81/84/86/88/90/91/92±2
  • Cartridge diameter :350*660
  • Filter Unit :Filter surface(m2) :144/288/432/576/720/864/1008/1152/1296/1440
  • Material :filter cartridge/Quantity :12-120/Mode of cleaning :air pulse jet cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm) :960x1790x3077mm/1920x1790x3077mm/2880x1790x3077mm/4800x1790x3077mm/5760x1790x3077mm/6720x1790x3077mm/7680x1790x3077mm/8640x1790x3077mm/9600x1790x3077mm
  • Mobility :removable brackets
  • Weight (kg) :400/800/1200/1600/2000/2400/2800/3200/3600/4000
  • Protective level :IP55
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Products Features:

1. Modular combination structure

2.Easy to discharge the dust

3.Multiple extensible application function

VJ-H Series dust collector

Apply for insulation power equipment, PCB V-CUT matching dedust, vertical sawing machine matching dedust and other dust

VJF Series dust collector

Dedust by grinding, sandblasting, mixing, packaging, vibration screen, material crushing and other operations superfine dust

VJF-S Series dust collector

Suitable for mixing operations, food & pharmacy industry, vibration sieve, air transportation, packaging engineering, and so on

VFO Series dust collector

Drawing operations, welding grinding operations, CCL operations, large multi-site workshop concentrated dust removal system

VJ Series dust collector

Dedust by matching with lithium battery slitting machine, composite material cutting machine, CNC machine and other dust

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