Established Ningde VILLO New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ningde VILLO New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd was established in Fujian, China in August, 2020.

Opening ceremony

Ningde VILLO New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd is a Lithium battery production line dust treatment system provider. The aim is to provide efficient dust collection and treatment solutions during the production of lithium batteries. We have an extensive explosion-proof dust removal system and have an advanced dust detection technology to solve the problems in dust collection.

Company Overview


VILLO is mainly engaged in the R & D, sales and service of intelligent industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment. It is a comprehensive system solution provider for the hazardous dust and harmful gases generated in the production process that affects production safety, product quality, employee health, and environmental protection standards. It is the first domestic machine to obtain German TÜV ATEX explosion-proof certification and China EX explosion-proof certification. It is also the first listed company in the domestic industrial explosion-proof intelligent dust removal equipment category and one of the participants in the standardization of domestic explosion-proof ventilation equipment.