Dust collection for metal grinding process

Grinding is an abrasive machining process that uses grinding wheel as a cutting tool to remove the material from the surface. The grinding wheel consists of abrasive particles and bonding material. The bonding material holds the particle in place and establishes the shape and structure of wheel.

Exposure Risks of Grinding Dust

Metal grinding process produces airborne dust particles which become a serious inhalation hazard. The size of these particles can be lower than 5 microns and can be respirable. These microscopic dust particles enter and deposit in the lungs and can cause possible lung diseases.

Solutions for Grinding Dust

The type of dust collection method depends upon the grinding process and the material to be machined. For manual grinding of single station, we can directly match our industrial dust collector, such as VJF seriesor VJFB explosion-proof series. For large grinding stations such as central grinding workshops or grinding rooms, it is necessary to design the connection to each station, and then connect to our dust collector for dust removal. In case of grinding of special dust, such as explosive aluminum powder, glass steel and other composite materials, it is necessary to design explosion-proof anti-static type dust collector for specific dust (such as VH-Z central explosion-proof series).

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