Dust collection for floor cleaning

Metal chip production is a byproduct from manufacturing process. When performing a manufacturing operation such as, cutting, turning, knurling or threading, chips are often crated as a byproduct. These chips can cause safety and efficiency issues.

Safety Hazards of Metal Chips Dust

When the metal chips get covered in oil or lubricant, they can cause serious damage to the machine and the final finished product. Not only these chips contribute to an unclean and dirty workplace, but it can also be a grave threat to the people that work in the close proximity. The metal shop should be equipped with a comprehensive cleaning solution to ensure the safety of product and worker.

Solutions for Metal Chips Dust

An industrial vacuum cleaner can provide an effective solution to metal chips dust produces during the manufacturing process. Villo’s high negative pressure vacuum cleaners VTSVAVZ and other industrial vacuum cleaners, with flat mouth, suction and other tools are an effective solution to deal with metallic chips.

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