Dust collection for CNC router machine

CNC Router Dust resource

The wood is processed by milling and planning operations. During these processes, large amount of debris and dust is generated,  and large particle dust will ultimately accumulate the machine table and the surrounding. Fine dust particles will float in the surrounding air during the sawing process which will produce adverse respiratory health effects. When dust is accumulated to a certain amount, the risk to catch fire will increase; and when the dust concentration in the air is larger, it would be easy to cause an explosion, which will threaten the safety of employees.


As per the vacuum port reservation on the machine, our VJFX series automatic discharge industrial dust collector or it’s explosion proof version can be uesd.  In addition, the electrostatic properties of the dust must also be considered. The filter material with anti-static coating needs to be selected for filtering. For example, if multiple machines use the central dust removal system, it is necessary to open more maintenance windows on the pipeline during the pipeline design, and add equipment such as spark detectors. Monitor the dust in the pipeline at all times to ensure the safe and efficient dust removal in the workshop.

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