Dust removal solutions in Metal Processing

Metal processing is a common industrial production condition, such as laser cutting, metal welding, metal grinding and other processes. While the process involved in metalprocessing can release particles in the air, which can harm workers, machines and product sustainability. Villo can provide turnkey dust removal solution for metal processing:

1, Laser cutting

Why People Need Laser Dust Collector

Laser cutting process

A non-traditional thermal process that utilizes light energy from the laser to remove the material by vaporization and ablation.

Exposure risks of laser dust & fumes

The dust and fumes generated during the laser cutting process can be a serious health hazard.

  • A high-speed laser cutting process can convert metal into airborne particles in a short period, and since the machine works very fast, a large amount of dust and fumes can be generated in no time.
  • These dust particles are usually in sub-micron size and can be easily inhaled and absorbed into the body
  • The dust can also affect the cutting efficiency and can diffuse the laser beam. A proper filtration system such as a laser vacuum cleaner should be installed to reduce the hazardous effects of laser cutting.

Solutions for Laser Cutting Dust


Villo’s VJF and VN series dust collectors understand the laser cutting process and how to deal with its harmful side effects, they are designed to be a good industrial fume extractor.

They are equipped with high-efficiency PTFE coated filter cartridge and pulseback-blowing dust cleaning device to effectively extract fumes and dust, and can also automatically clean the filter element to ensure dust collection.

For your information: 

Laser cutting machine with 3015 or 3030, VJF-5.5 is the best option.

Laser cutting machine with 4020, VJF-7.5 can support well.

Laser cutting machine with 6030, VJF-11 can fit it well.

Laser cutting machine with 8040, Please contact us to match with the most suitable model

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2, Metal welding

Why People Need Welding Dust Collector

Welding process

It involves the coalescence of two (or more) parts by the application of heat and/or pressure.

Exposure risks for metal welding process

  • Welding process produces tremendous amount of fumes and dust. The composition of these fumes varies depending upon the type of material being welded
  • The welding method can include a range of toxic gases including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide
  • According to the latest research, exposure to the welding fumes can cause lung cancer and possibly kidney cancer in humans

Solutions for Laser Welding Dust

It has been proven that the most effective and efficient way to extract the welding fumes is to install a welding fume collector. The risk of the worker being subject to hazardous fumes is minimized using this way.

According to the type of welding process:

Due to the diversity and flexibility of the welding processes, Villo’s VH-T and VJF series industrial fume and dust extractors can be used.

  • VH-B series fume extractor can be employed for arc welding, gas shielded arc welding; argon arc welding, etc.
  • VJFB series explosion-proof dust collector is an efficient solution for explosive dust (aluminum powder, magnesium powder, etc.).

Refer to the dust collector for battery manufacturing application to find more information about laser welding fume extraction.

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3, Metal grinding

Why People Need Metal Grinding Dust Collector

Grinding process

It’s an abrasive machining process that uses grinding wheel as a cutting tool to remove the material from the surface.

Exposure risks of grinding dust

  • Metal grinding process produces airborne dust particles is serious inhalation hazard
  • The size of these particles can be lower than 5 microns and can be respirable
  • These microscopic dust particles enter and deposit in the lungs and can cause possible lung diseases

Solutions for Grinding Dust

The type of metal dust extractor depends upon the grinding process and the material to be machined.

  • For manual grinding of single station

we can directly match our industrial dust collector, such as VJF series or VJFB explosion-proof series.

  • For large grinding stations

Such as central grinding workshops or grinding rooms, it is necessary to design the connection to each station, and then connect to our dust collector for dust removal.

  • For grinding of special dust

Such as explosive aluminum powder, glass steel and other composite materials, it is necessary to design explosion-proof anti-static type dust collector for specific dust (such as VH-Z central explosion-proof series).

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4, Metal chips cleaning

Why People Need Metal Dust Collector

 Byproduct from manufacturing process

Metal chip production is a byproduct from manufacturing process. When performing a manufacturing operation such as, cutting, turning, knurling or threading, chips are often crated as a byproduct. These chips can cause safety and efficiency issues.

Safety hazards of metal chips dust

  • When the metal chips get covered in oil or lubricant, they can cause serious damage to the machine and the final finished product
  • Contribute to an unclean and dirty workplace and a grave threat to the workers
  • The metal shop should be equipped with a comprehensive dust solution for miter saws to ensure the safety of product and workers

Solutions for Metal Chips Dust

An industrial vacuum cleaner can provide an effective solution to metal chips dust produces during the manufacturing process.

Villo’s high negative pressure vacuum cleaners VTSVAVZ and other industrial vacuum cleaners, with flat mouth, suction and other tools are an effective solution to deal with metallic chips.

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