Dust collection for laser die cutting

Dust/Fume source

1, In the process of punching, the cutting waste generated must be sucked away immediately to prevent the impact on the die cutting process.

2, During the cutting process, laser fumes and waste material dust are generated. Fume and dust must be treated immediately, otherwise the product quality can be affected. Dust removal points include die-cut laser heads, pole piece roller brushes, splice platforms, and air knife at the cutting edge, etc.


1, Specifically for the characteristics of the die cutting machine (continuous thin strips, segments), a dust collector with a large capacity collection bag, such as VJCG / VJD2.2 (inner filter bag) is required;

2, Specially for the characteristics of the scrap produced by the die-cutting machine (continuous thin strip, segment), it needs to be equipped with a large-capacity collection bag dust collection with explosion proof, such as VJFG series or VJFGB series dust collector. Laser cutting hood for die cutting machine is provided to the customers.

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Dust removal
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