VH – Z Series Large Air FLow Type Central Dust Collector

Product Description:

VH-Z Series is a central dust collection system with large air volume. This system is equipped with a pulse jet self-cleaning filter mechanism and vertical installation of filter cartridges which increases the filtration efficiency by several percent.

  • Applications: 
  • Suitable for capacitance spray operations, tin packaging operations, CCL operations, spraying production line operations, ceramic raw embryo processing, polishing workshop, welding smoke purification and other multi-site centralized dust conditions.
  •  Optional:
  • Multi tower light
  • Stainless steel version
  • Explosion proof version
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Converter
  • HEPA filter
  • Air speed sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Dust Concentration Detector
  • Customizable collection box
  • Tank level alarm
  • Gate valve
  • Central control system with variable frequency and constant pressure
Model VH-Z-8500 VH-Z-16000 VH-Z-19000 VH-Z-21000 VH-Z-23000 VH-Z-30000

380 / 50

Air flow (m³/h) /(CFM) 5710~10600 /
10600~21200 /
13200~26300 /
17500~22450 /
19650~25250 /
28100~36450 /
Power(kW) / (HP)

Calculate the total pressure/static pressure according to the total resistance of the system, and then select the appropriate fan power

Filter area(m²)/ ( sq.ft ) 84/904 170/1830 204/2196 204/2196 306/3294 360/3875
Filter efficiency


Capacity of the dust container(L)/ (gal) 70 /18.5 50×2 /13.2×2 50×2 /13.2×2 50×2 /13.2×2 50×2 /13.2×2 50×3 /13.2×2
Noise dB (A) 82±2 83±2 85±2 85±2 88±2 90±2
Filter cleaning method

Pulse jet cleaning+holder on dust collecting box

Dia. air inlet (mm) / (in) Ø350 / 14 Ø500 / 20 Ø550 / 22 Ø550 / 22 Ø600 / 24 Ø650 / 26
Dimension (Excluding the Blower)[L*W*H]
(mm) / (in)

Fixed holder

The air flow and Negative pressure is adjustable according to the actual condition,and then choose the bigger or more suitable power machine.



1. Pulse jet cleaning method for the filter makes machine to work continuously. User can set the pulse frequency depending upon the working requirements.

2. The filter material is polyester with PTFE coated, which can filter 99.9% dust at 0.3 microns.

3.  Vertical installation would protect the filter from dust accumulation, which would ultimately increase the filter life, reduce gasket leaks, and result in better pulse cleaning.


Structure Chart

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    VJ-H Series dust collector

    Apply to the dust collection of insulation power equipment, PCB V-CUT matching, vertical sawing machine for wood dust or metal chips.

    VJFB Series dust collector

    Apply to inflammable and explosive dust collecting such as aluminum and magnesium grinding or polishing, flour milling, etc.

    VJF Series dust collector

    Apply to dedust of grinding, sandblasting, mixing, packaging, vibration screen, material crushing and other operations superfine dust.

    VN Series dust collector

    Apply to metal processing such as sheet metal laser cutting, grinding, sandblasting, other operations about the large metal particles.

    VJFG Series dust collector

    Apply to Printed Circuit Board(pcb) cutting, denture grinding, key processing and other workshop which requires high pressure.

    VJFX Series dust collector

    Apply to working condition with large amount of dust such as powder feeding operation, grinding or cutting job, wood work and so on.

    VJCF Series dust collector

    Apply to PCB Processing industry multi-axis drilling, grinding board, chamfering, cutting, carving machine dedust and cleaning operations.

    VJFGB Series dust collector

    Apply to combustible and explosive dust removel, such as aluminum and magnesium, welding, grinding, polishing, cutting, etc.

    VJFCB Series dust collector

    Apply to the flammable and explosive metal particles and welding sparks dedust which generated during the welding machine operation.

    VFO Series dust collector

    Apply to drawing or welding, grinding operations, CCL operations, large multi-site workshop concentrated dust removal system.

    VH(FB)-Z dust collector

    Apply to tin packaging, CCL, spraying production, ceramic raw embryo processing, polishing, welding and multi-site operations.

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