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Spark Guard Industrial Safety Accessory

Product Description:

The spark guard is used to monitor the dust removal pipe connected to the storage bin and extinguish each spark before initiating the storage bin fire. The spark detection system is composed of one or more spark detectors, automatic fire extinguishing system or monitoring station. When the burning particles pass in front of the detector, the spark detector sends out a trigger signal, the audible alarm is activated, the solenoid valve of the fire extinguishing assembly is also opened, and the water is sprayed.
Spray the mouth for 3 seconds, enough time to extinguish the burning particles. The monitoring station is composed of a spark detector for monitoring in the downstream direction of the fire extinguishing assembly; when the spark is not extinguished, an alarm will be triggered to stop the fan and/or close the air duct valve.

Structure Chart


Application Fileld of the spark guard

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