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Flameless Quench Device Circular Sector – Industrial Safety Accessory

Product Description:

Flameless Quench Device, or Flameless Venting Device.

Product execution standards

GB/T15605 Dust explosion pressure venting guide.

EN16009 Flameless explosion venting devices.

Applicable process

Oxygen content is not higher than that in air (21%);

Working pressure is not higher than one atmospheric pressure (0.1 MPa).

It is usually used together with explosion venting device.

The flameless venting device is used to compose the anti-explosive system.


  • Stainless metal version
Function Parameter
Model FEVDS135 Flameless Quench Device
Static activation pressure Relevant to the selection of the venting element.

Default valve is 0.01MPa±25%.

Maximum reduced explosion overpressure pred,max≤0.0451MPa
Venting efficiency 66%
Flameless performance No sparks or flame
Reusable No reusable
Optional accessories Back pressure support, explosion venting detector.
Consumables explosion venting membrane (venting or rapture panel).
Structure Chart


Application Fileld of the Flameless Quench Device

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