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Explosion Isolation Valve Industrial Safety Accessory

Product Description:

Explosion Isolation Valve, Industrial safety accessory.

The explosion isolation is one of Villo explosion proof product to prevent explosions, protect property and save lives.

Item Parameter
Specification DN100~DN300 DN350~DN600 DN650~DN1000
Pressure loss


260Pa 350Pa 400Pa
pred,max 0.05MPa 0.04 MPa 0.03 MPa
Installation Distance 2~7m 3~7.5m 5.5~8.5m 4.5~8.5m
Dust species Non metallic dust:St1 and St2 Non metallic dust:St1
metallic dust:St1
No corrosiveness, no viscosity, no friction.
Applicable technology Negative pressure technology;

Working pressure not higher than one atmospheric pressure (0.1MPa);

Oxygen content is not higher than that in air (21%).

Reusability Not reusable
Product standard EN 16447-2014 Explosion isolation flap valves
Test Report Certified by the third-party authority in China
Structure Chart


Application Fileld of the Explosion Isolation Valve

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