Dust collection for winding machine

Dust source:
Square battery: During the winding process, the main dust generating points are the powder brush and the main shaft winding area. (that is, the pole piece cutting position)

Cylindrical battery: The main dust production points of the cylindrical battery are the powder (or blowing and suction) box, the welding point of the pole lug, and the winding area of the main shaft (that is, the position where the pole piece is cut off), which produces a certain amount of smoke and cutting chips or particles.

Solution: The dust particle size and smoke volume produced by the winding machine are small, and the diameter of the dust removal pipe supporting the machine is small. It is necessary to support a high negative pressure industrial vacuum cleaner. VZ-75 vacuum cleaner / VX-400 and VX-550 vacuum cleaners are optional to ensure debris and fume can be sucked away immediately. The dust-pumping mechanism (powder-pumping box) is directly equipped with a suction tube, which is not visible on the back.

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