Dust collection for roller machine

Dust source:

1, There are many small powders adhered to the surface of the pole piece material before rolling, and the surface of the pole piece needs to be cleaned. Roller brush is generally used for cleaning.

2, During the compaction process of the roller press, the surface of the upper and lower rollers is adheres with a lot of fine powder, and the surface of the roller must be cleaned. Currently, the roller presses on the market use a scraper for this cleaning job.

3, Dust will be generated when the roll is cut off at the platform of the rewinding and unwinding belt.


1, Dust removal for pole piece before rolling: For the pole piece dust before rolling, the upper and lower two sides of the pole piece material need to be equipped with a multi-point recycling collection system. (Confluence is about φ100mm), since the amount of dust is limited, VJ-H series dust collector can solve the dust problem well, and explosion-proof requirements are considered in due course.

2, Roller dust removal: Dust collector with hood is an ideal option for the dust generated by the upper and lower roller scrapers. The diameter of each blade hood depends on the length of the roller, and multiple suction openings will be gathered into a total dust suction port (commonly φ73mm or φ110mm)  Reference models: VJ-2.2, VJF series, VJFG series, Explosion-proof requirements should be considered in due course.

3, Belt-connecting platform: 20-25mm dust extraction pipe cover will be equipped underneath.

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