Dust collection for feeding and mixing

Feeding and Mixing Dust Treatment

The feeding process involves the conversion of diverse raw food ingredients into a single, homogenized form of feed, such as, pellet, mash or crumbles, etc. During this process the fine dust coming out travels through the workers breathing zone and into the rest of the facility. Exposure to such dust can be hazardous to worker’s health.

Additionally, during the batch mixing process of food production, when the raw materials are poured together for the mixing process, a large amount of airborne dust particles are generated. If the dust is not handled in time, it will gradually spread in the workshop environment. Furthermore, if the dust is flammable and explosive, it can also threaten the lives of employees.

Dust Treatment Solution:

In order to handle this kind of dust, it is necessary to reasonably design the size and installation mode of the suction hood, and the dust collection system should be carefully calculated and selected. Our VJF and VJFB industrial dust collectors would be the best option according to the specific dust properties. VJFX series industrial dust collectorwould be suitable for the condition requiring auto loading function. If the dust needs to be recycled or special requirement for each machine in the factory, the machine can be customized to 304 or 316 material.

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