Advantages of VILLO Filter Cartridge Type Welding Fume Extractor

Nowadays, environmental protection has become one of society’s issues that pays more and more attention to it. Welding is widely used in a lot of industries, such as sheet metal processing, petrochemical, shipbuilding, etc. To solve the adverse effects caused by welding, a filter cartridge welding fume collector came into being.

In the process of welding, welding fume is one of the main factors that endanger the health of operators. When the operators carry out welding operations in an environment with poor ventilation and protection for a long time, they may be exposed to occupational hazards. Some metals, such as brass, tin, chromium, lead, manganese, nickel, and zinc, are prone to produce potentially harmful metal vapor during welding.

The diameter of these welding fume particles is between 0.01-10 μm, so the nasal cavity and mask cannot play a good barrier role. With breathing, most of the welding fumes will directly enter the lungs from the respiratory tract, causing pneumonia, emphysema, and other diseases, posing a severe threat to human health. Besides, only when the welding condition is equipped with a filter cartridge welding fume collector to purify the welding fume and then exhaust the clean air, can the workshop’s environment meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.

The welding fume collector is a kind of purification device specially designed for the treatment of welding, cutting, and grinding, which produces a large number of tiny metal particles suspended in the air and harmful to the human body. The Villo filter cartridge welding fume collector is light, flexible, and easy to operate. Welding fume extraction system is to protect the environment and the health of workers.

As one of the well-known manufacturers of dust removal equipment at home and abroad, Villo integrates R&D, production, sales and is committed to providing the highest quality dust removal equipment.

Let me introduce you to the working principle of the welding fume collector. After the dust enters the welding fume collector through the suction port under the action of the fan, the airflow in the welding fume collector is forced to change the wind direction, and the flow rate is reduced. The dust is absorbed on the outer surface of the filter material through the combined action of diffusion and sieving, and filtration. The purified clean gas enters the upper clean air chamber through the filter cartridge, and finally, the clean gas is discharged.

There are various types of Villo welding fume collectors, and a variety of welding fume collectors have been developed for different needs. They have the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use, and small footprint. The plate and frame welding fume collector has the advantages of being compact and portable. The cartridge welding fume collector can carry out pulse back-flushing and dust removal, and the cartridge can be cleaned online. With the universal suction arm, it can be bent and parked arbitrarily, which is convenient for customers to use.