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Stainless Steel Self Cleaning Dust Collector – VJF-S Series

Product Description:

  • Application fields
    Suitable for the large amount of floating/flying dust, flying metal scrap, food, suspended dust’ collection and cleaning,multi-station operation’ small central vacuum system,mixing operations, food & pharmacy industry, vibration sieve, air transportation, packaging engineering, envelope operation and so on.
    Suitable for cutting operation, bagged assignments, grinding operation, sandblasting operations, drilling, Plexiglass processing and so on.
  • Specialty
    High efficient and reliable
    Adopting high efficient filter cartridge with a large filtering surface, the filter with PTFE layer technology that guarantee 99% efficient at dust particle size of 0.3 microns, In addition, we can satisfy the special working condition to choose anti-static, fireproof, waterproof and grease proof filter material .etc.304 stainless steel material for the whole machine.To be applied to pharmacy and food industry and the machine can match GMP standard.
    Pulse-jet cleaning
    The product adopts advanced pulse controller automatic control the pulse-jet device to clean the dust, which has higher efficiency and is more thoroughly, it can prolong the usage life of filter cartridge.

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  • Model :VJF-1.5S/2.2S/3.0S/4.0S/5.5S/7.5S/15S
  • Volt(V/Hz) :380V/50hz
  • Power (Kw) :1.5/2.2/3.0/4.0/5.5/7.5/15
  • Max vacuum rate(Pa) :994/1300/1578/2000/2014/2554/3187
  • Max air flow(m3/h) :2356/3517/5268/6000/7419/10562/15455
  • Noise dB(A) :71/73/74/77/78/79/81±2
  • Suction inlet diameter :Ø 150/200/250/300/350/400mm
  • Filter Unit :Filter surface(m2) :8/10/14/28
  • Material :filter cartridge/Quantity :1-9/Mode of cleaning :self cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm) :650x600x1736mm/900x700x1850mm/1000x900x1950mm/1350x900x1985mm/1350x1250x2175mm
  • Mobility :movable
  • Weight (kg) :180/260/250/400/420/600/800
  • Protective level :IP55
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Products Features

Quality assurance:adopting Germany Siemens motor,excellent metal plate technology and high effcient filter material.
Flexible configuration:the quantity of air inlet pipes can be cumstomized.

VJ-H Series dust collector

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VJF-S Series dust collector

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