• industrial dust collector

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector – VJ-H Series

Product Description:

  • APPLICATION:                                                                                                                        Polishing processing for the Insulation Power Equipment, PCB V-CUT matching dedust, vertical sawing machine matching dedust and other bigger size dust collection.
    • Patent rotary vane dust vibration structure

     The Filter cleaning way use the patent rotary vane dust vibration structure(patent NO,:201220489001.3), at the back side of the machine, there is a rotate handle to clean the cumulate dust on the filter, it is convenient,easy operation and cost saving.

    • Drawer type dust container structure

    The dust container use the drawer type structure,you can open the door and cleaning the dust easily at any time.The door sheet installed a silicone sealing strip which is acid and alkali resistant, so it can keep the good leakproofness of the machine and avoid the corrosion by special dust.

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  • Model :VJ-1.1H/1.5H/2.2H/3.0H
  • Volt(V/Hz) :380V/50hz
  • Power (Kw) :1.1/1.5/2.2/3.0
  • Max vacuum rate(Pa) :1000/1200/1500/1800
  • Max air flow(m3/h) :1500/1800/2800/3600
  • Noise dB(A) :71/73/75/76±2
  • Suction inlet diameter :Ø 100/150/200mm
  • Filter Unit :Filter surface(m2) :8/16/Material :filter cartridge
    /Quantity :1-2/Mode of cleaning :manual cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm) :550x625x1130mm/550x625x1160mm/900x625x1330mm
  • Mobility :movable
  • Weight (kg) :120/130/140/190
  • Protective level :IP55
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Products Features

VJF Series dust collector

Dedust by grinding, sandblasting, mixing, packaging, vibration screen, material crushing and other operations superfine dust

VJF-S Series dust collector

Suitable for mixing operations, food & pharmacy industry, vibration sieve, air transportation, packaging engineering, and so on

VFO Series dust collector

Drawing operations, welding grinding operations, CCL operations, large multi-site workshop concentrated dust removal system

VJ Series dust collector

Dedust by matching with lithium battery slitting machine, composite material cutting machine, CNC machine and other dust

VJ-H Series dust collector

Apply for insulation power equipment, PCB V-CUT matching dedust, vertical sawing machine matching dedust and other dust

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