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2 Motors Self-cleaning Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – VFG-2SA

Product Description:

VFG-2SA Vacuum cleaner is special designed for the floor grinding and polishing industry. With the characteristic as below:
• Strong suction, two-stage filter unit, stable and reliable, space saving, flexible mobility and easy operation.

• Suitable for worksites that have single phase power and require adjustable  air flow;

• Suitable for worksites that require continuous workload and  require a large amount of fine dust particle collection.

• Applied to grinding field, small polishing or grinding machines (Email us for the matching list), shot blasting field, etc.
• 2pcs motors installed, and they will be controlled independently.

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  • Voltage/Hz: Single phase 220V/60Hz (or it can be customized)
  • Power: 2*1.2Kw
  • Airflow: 360m3/h
  • Max air pressure: 2200mmH2O
  • QTY of the filters: 1pc the 1st stage filter and 2pcs the 2nd stage filters
  • Air inlet: Ø50MM
  • Noise: 82±2dB
  • Filter efficiency: 99%
  • Material for the filter: Polyester with PTFE coated (H13 standard)
  • Fineness: 0.3-1µm
  • Cleaning method: electric driven self-cleaning
  • Main filtering method: Outer-filtering type for 1st stage filter Inner-filtering type for 2nd stage filter
  • Dimension: 790mm*575mm*1204mm
  • Weight(kg): 82kgs

1, Two – stage HEPA filter  (H13 standard, 99% @ 0.3microns dust)


The first stage filter cartridges                            The second stage HEPA filter

2, Cleaning Method

a, electric self-cleaning;

self cleaning structure

Cleaning efficiency

b, Dust collection structure.

3, Control Panel

The VFG-2SPA vacuum is equipped with independent-controlled switches which is water-proof.

Structure Diagram

Applicable floor grinder

VFG-2sa is considered to the best partner with floor grinders as below:
HTC-270EG, HTC-420VS

Innovatech P-1800, Innovatech P850 easy edge

Sase Edge-Pro 180, SC8E, SC10E, SC10E, SC12E, Spyder

Blastrac 1-8DEC, 1-8DEZ, 1-8DPS30

Diamatic BG-250, BGS-250-115-R, BMG-435-115

Husqvarna: PG280

Prepmaster: Eco/Prep 500, STI2807,

Lavina: 13-S Edger

EDCO: 2EC-1.5B, SEC-2B, TG-10.5

Terrco: 151 Border, 3EG-EA Flex-Shaft

Levetec: Averger 460, Averger Edger

Werkmaster: Termite XT, Viper XT

Scanmaskin: Handyman, Scancombiflex 330, 450

Klindex: Extreme Edger, VS, Levightor 600, 645, 650 and Rafter 500T

download product detail
Tool kits

2nches tool kits

1, “S” shaped suction pipe
2, flat suction nozzle 50x500mm
3, suction brush 50x430mm
4, antistatic hose connectors
5, antistatic suction hose dia50mmx10meters (standard)

Connection order for flat nozzle: air inlet-4-5-4-2
Connection order for suction brush: air inlet-4-5-4-1-3

Longopac bags Longopac

Longopac® disposal bags
Diameter 357mm
Length: 22meters
Each bags can be used for 25times or so

If you are interested in our products, please send us E-mail.

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