• development of villo

Development of VILLO

  • Product Line

    In November 2009, completed the construction of Factory, and there were only 3 products.

    In November 2012, VILLO has manufactured 30 major series product that contains 112 kinds of models.

    In 2013-2015, 50 major series with 200 kinds of models have been launched in market.

  • Client

    In 2010, VILLO started cooperation with famous compnies as below: JDB, Taitai, Haitian, Flextronics, Abbot, Pirelli, Delta, Omron and other high end cusotmers.

  • Technical team

    In 2010, there is only one technical engineer.

    In 2012, developed 16 technical engineers with undergraduate degree and master who major in machinery and environmental protection.

    In 2017, VILLO has developed 25 technical engineers and 3 product designers.

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